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Don't Quaich in your boots...!

Or... have you thought about using a 'Quaich' as a part of your ceremony?

The Quaich or the “loving” cup, or cup of friendship symbolizes togetherness and lifelong unity.

What is a Quaich?

A Quaich (pronounced “quake”) is a shallow, two-handled drinking cup or bowl; Scotland’s cup of friendship, also known as the loving cup. According to Scottish history, it is believed that King James VI presented his wife to be Anne of Denmark with a Quaich on their wedding day; hence it became synonymous with weddings from that point onward.

In Scotland, the Quaich was originally used to offer a welcoming drink in clan gatherings or family events such as weddings or naming ceremonies.

A way to seal the bond of friendship or love.

Why does it have 2 handles?

The handles are often called 'lugs' (in Scotland and the north 'lugs' is another word for ears!).

When the cup is passed to a guest in a home, it meant that a guest would have no hands free to hold any weapon. It became the starting point for any discussion demonstrating trust bewtreen the parties.

What is a Quiach made from?

Traditionally Quaich’s were crafted in wood, but, they are now available in a wide variety of materials such as pewter, horn and silver, as well as beautifully turned wood. You can find one that suits you and the style of wedding you are looking for!

Some of them used to have glass bottoms so that you could watch your companion as you drank from it... not a great demonstration of trust!

How can I include a Quiach ceremony in my ceremony?

Many couples include the Quaich in their ceremony to cement their vows, though it can fit anywhere in the ceremony! I have performed ceremonies where, as a part of the ritual, the couple blended their favourite drinks together, everyone has have been given a glass to toast with at the end of the ceremony and the couple, as the final act, shared the toast by drinking from the Quaich! It can fit in anywhere in a celebrant ceremony!

The drink doesn't have to be alcoholic, it can be whatever you would like it to be!

I've talked a lot about wedding ceremonies but it is also extensively used in Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vow Ceremonies and many other types of ceremony too! Let's have a chat...

Generally, the ceremony would be...

The chosen drink is poured together by the couple or family into the Quaich.

The ceremony often includes three sips: one to remember the past, one to signify the present, and one to look towards your future together.

At this point, you can choose to have a reading or a blessing said by your celebrant or family member whilst you’re pouring your mix into the Quaich, a lovely way to include someone from your wedding party in the actual ceremony.

Give me a call for a free, no-obligation chat and start making your ideal wedding a reality!

Strike hands with me, the glasses brim, The dew is on the heather. For love is good and life is long, And two are best together.
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