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Bubbly ... or Alcohol-Free? That is the question!

Weddings don't always have to be boozy affairs... so let's look at the alternatives!

There are many reasons why you might want to keep your wedding an alcohol-free zone, and regardless of what those reasons are you have every right to make that your choice as you design your wedding day. But that can leave you wondering what to serve your guests that won’t seem a little plain. An alcohol-free wedding isn’t for everyone, and some of your guests may find it a little odd or might not fully understand your choice, but it certainly shouldn’t sway you if having a booze-free wedding is something you both want.

As we become more mindful, in general, of the amount of alcohol we consume it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are looking for alcohol-free alternatives to offer up to guests on their wedding day. If you’re considering going alcohol-free for your wedding then you most certainly are not alone, roughly 10% of couples are currently planning alcohol-free weddings and even more, have said they would like to go alcohol-free but worry about what guests would think.

Whatever the reason may be, here are a few simple suggestions to make your dry wedding go more smoothly.


Start with impressive refreshments as guests arrive for the wedding ceremony. From fruit-infused water to flavoured and styled lemonades, putting some extra thought into your guest experience is key to encouraging your wedding guests.

You could also create some non-alcoholic signature mocktails that reflect you as a couple and your guests. You could include seasonal flavours or even as a way to showcase past travels or your upcoming honeymoon. You could also include some of your guest’s favourite drinks as an alcohol free version.

Invite the Whole Family

Having an alcohol-free wedding lends itself to inviting the whole family and having a proper family affair. You can include fun games and options to keep everyone entertained

along with drink options for the little people too!

Have a focus on your menu

Ensure no one is missing the wine served with your meal by making your menu a spectacular affair. There are vast amounts of options available now for couples when it comes to choosing the catering that best reflects your wedding day vibe, from grazing boards to hog roasts or even interactive cooking stations.

Some Extra Alcohol-Free Alternatives

· Sparkling Water – Create a water station where guests can help themselves to different flavoured sparkling water. You could have this set up with mason jars rather than traditional glasses to put a different spin on it and create a beautiful area.

· Mulled Apple Juice – In the winter serving warm drinks can be a big hit with your guests. You don’t just have to stick with coffee – think of alternatives to mulled wine that you can offer, including alcohol-free mulled wine.

· Deluxe Hot Chocolate – Who doesn’t love a delicious hot chocolate station; especially if you can add extras like whipped cream, marshmallows, flavoured syrups, and more.

· Alcohol-free beer / lager / wine – there are lots of varieties available these days, they taste great, and no one has to deal with a hangover the next day.

· Barista style coffee’s and teas­ – If your venue doesn’t already have the ability to make a whole range of barista coffee’s then why not look at getting a supplier in who can. Keep your guests buzzing on the dance floor after a double shot of espresso or help them to wind down with a nice herbal tea.

There are lots of alternatives available if you want to have an alcohol-free wedding and best of all you get to choose all of the things you want and you can have some fun with how you serve them to your guests too. Going alcohol-free, regardless of your reason, doesn’t mean that you are removing the fun from your wedding; it just means that you are adding it in in different ways. Keeping your guests engaged and choosing the right venue and food will still ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

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