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Crafting the Perfect 'Goodbye'

When a loved one has died, it's so important to remember them and celebrate their life. A Civil Funeral Ceremony or memorial ceremony does just that. ​ I will work with you to craft the perfect ceremony that focuses on the life of the person who has died and the wishes of their family and friends. Together we will create a ceremony that pays tribute to your loved one in a way that is personal and unique to them. ​ 

Types Of Ceremony


Civil Funeral Ceremony

A celebrant led funeral is about creating a ceremony that is based on the wishes, beliefs and values of your loved one, their family and friends. A personalised and meaningful celebration of their life – allowing people to acknowledge a death, pay tribute to a life lived and find comfort for the time to come.?

From £195


Memorial Ceremony

A memorial service is typically held some weeks after a private, family funeral. It is a longer, bespoke ceremony, which offers time to reflect and celebrate a person’s life and legacy. This is a good choice - if the person was very well-known and a large number of people want to pay their respects. During the ceremony the opportunity will be there for a variety of people to speak or to take part. Contact me and we can discuss this further.

From £195 


Designing your own Funeral

More and more people are pre-planning their own funeral ceremony. You might have definite ideas about what you would like for example in readings, poetry or music. You may wish to be involved in writing your own eulogy. I will work with you to create the perfect ceremony that celebrates your life. This document will be given to you to keep and can be edited overtime to keep it up to date. I will always send you a revised copy when I have made any changes. If you would like me to lead the ceremony I would try to, though this might not always be possible and so we can discuss what would happen if I were unable to lead the ceremony.

From £150 


Burials and Woodland or Natural Burial

A Ceremony at a burial may take place as part of the funeral ceremony or as a seperate, shorter ceremony. For example, has your loved one ever expressed a wish to be buried in a natural, woodland setting? A woodland burial is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremation. This beautiful option allows families to approach a funeral with simplicity and flexibility - and provides a serene and comforting environment for quiet reflection and remembrance. Usually a 'Natural' or 'Woodland' Burial, we would have a ceremony in a meeting place, before processing to the burial site.

From £195


Living Funerals

A living funeral means planning a funeral service, when someone is still well enough to express their wishes. Often this helps the person who is dying to feel more in control and give them peace of mind – but it also makes it easier for their family in the future. Sometimes we can plan a living funeral as part of a goodbye celebration while the person the funeral is for is in attendance, so family and friends can celebrate the life of the person when they are there. I can help create this special ceremony with you..

From £195 


Scattering or Burial of Ashes

This simple ceremony takes place after a cremation and involves scattering your loved one’s ashes in a special place. Most people choose a place associated with happy memories, a special event or a loved one. It is comforting to think that a place you have loved - will be where your last remains lay. It might be in the countryside, out at sea, or somewhere else. Contact me and we can discuss how to organise the ceremony.

From £150 


Pet Ceremony

Pets are very special family members – providing love, companionship, loyalty, joy and so much more. So, when we lose that family member, there is certainly a gap that is left behind. Choosing to honour your pet with a funeral ceremony is a wonderful and meaningful acknowledgement of your relationship and bond..

From £150 


Your Investment

On the day of the funeral, the ceremony is the main part of the day. Here we talk about and celebrate the life of the person who has died. 

Very often this is a celebration of their life, and during the ceremony, there may be tears, of course, but there will also be some smiles and laughter as we talk about the person you know!

A 20 - 30 minutes ceremony (the usual length) starts at £195.

This includes me visiting your home (or meeting online or by phone), writing a bespoke, unique ceremony for your loved one, unlimited revisions and then the delivery on the day. 

To discuss your options further please contact me. 

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