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Happy Family

Celebrating Family

There are many important times in our family lives when we should celebrate! Whether you are welcoming a new child into your family - either through birth or adoption, are creating a blended family or want to celebrate a right of passage such as a child entering adolescence, then there are many ways we can celebrate.

Choosing Your Ceremony


Naming Ceremonies

When a child enters your life, a new family begins - certainly something that is worth celebrating!! You may not have come across a 'Naming Ceremony' before, but you may know religious ceremonies such as a christening? A naming ceremony differs to a traditional christening because the main focus is not religion, instead it is the child and their family. Each naming ceremony I create is unique and tailored to you and your family. The ceremony can be themed too - how about around your child's favourite book or toy?

From £350 


Welcoming Ceremonies

When you adopt a child, of any age, it's a wonderful event that deserves some celebration, A Welcoming Ceremony can be a wonderful way to bring all your friends and family together to welcome your child in to your family properly! If they are old enough, it is wonderful to involve them in the planning and in the ceremony itself. I will work closely with you all to make sure that the ceremony really represents your child, and your family at this important time in all your lives.

From £350 


Blending Ceremonies

When two families join together it is a big moment for all involved. It's a wonderful thing to celebrate as maybe you are your partner become step-parents, and you want to celebrate your new family! By acknowledging the new roles that you now play, you make promises to each other and to your new family, to demonstrate that togetherness that you share. This is a real opportunity to involve everyone together, celebrating the creation of a new family unit.

From £350 

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It's important to find the right celebrant for you.
Send me a message and we can have a chat!
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Your Investment

Your investment...

First and foremost, you want the best celebrant for you and your naming ceremony - it's something you only do once!


 Although slightly different, the process for a naming ceremony is similar to creating a wedding ceremony! If you haven't yet, have a read through my blog post about celebrant-led wedding ceremonies! As you read, you'll see that for every ceremony, there are hours and hours of work that go into it -   it’s not just standing at the front chatting for 30 minutes!! 


I put as much care into every ceremony, whether a wedding or naming ceremony - I don't like to do things by halves!

My ceremonies start at £350 for a personal, unique ceremony delivered with class and flair. That covers...

  • Travel up to 15 miles - this encompasses Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, and Merthyr Tydfil. 

  • Our initial meeting.

  • The writing of the ceremony with unlimited drafts (though it's usually only two or three!) 

  • Unlimited Zoom and phone calls in the lead-up to the ceremony.

  • Sourcing poetry and readings.

  • Delivery of your ceremony!


There are things we can add on, such as certain symbolic actions, some of which include a small additional fee, but these can be discussed when we meet, and additional mileage and accommodation expenses should the ceremony not be a comfortable drive. 

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