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When will your wedding be?!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

How do you choose a date that you'll remember forever? Will you let it fall to chance when your ideal celebrant is free?! Well, last week I wrote a short blog about 'Winter Weddings', (you can read it here!). This week I thought I'd put together a handy guide to choosing a wedding date at any time of the year!

Your wedding date is a date that you will celebrate together for the rest of your life. A day where you might choose to honour the traditional wedding anniversary gifts – paper for year one, cotton for year two, silver to celebrate 25 years of marriage, and if you’re incredibly lucky then diamonds for 60 years of marriage. Or you might choose to put a more modern spin on your celebrations. Either way, this is a date that you will be celebrating for years, and hopefully, decades to come, so it’s something that should be given careful consideration.

Perhaps up to this point choosing a date felt secondary to choosing a season or general time of year you wanted to get married and then seeing when your preferred venue could fit you in but there is more to consider.

The fact that you are going to be celebrating this date every year for the rest of your life means you want it to be the right date.

What should you consider when choosing a wedding date?

There are going to be several factors that could influence your choice of wedding date and in this article we are going to examine a few of them in more detail. We will look at:

· Dates that already have sentimental meaning

· Budget

· Honeymoon location and timing

· Style of wedding you would like

Dates with sentimental meaning

Dates that already carry sentimental meaning for you can have two very clear impacts when choosing your wedding date. They will either be dates where you want to add in celebration and happiness and having your wedding on them feels perfect. Or they could be dates that are completely ruled out for you because you already have something you want to honour on those dates. Examine these closely and make sure you are taking into account any sentimental dates for your future spouse as well as your own.

Wedding budget

What kind of budget do you have available to you? And what do you think you will need to have available to plan and have your dream wedding? Knowing this could make a massive difference when it comes to choosing your wedding date, as you may need to commit to a longer engagement so you can save up the required funds for your special day. Remember that what is important is creating a day that you will cherish forever.


Do you have your heart set on a specific location for your honeymoon? Is there a time of year that would be best to travel there to ensure you have great weather and an amazing time? Are you intending to go straight after your wedding, or will you plan your honeymoon for later on in the year if needed? These are important points to consider. If your honeymoon destination has a rainy season that you need to avoid and you want your honeymoon right after the wedding, then you need to take this into consideration as you pick your wedding date. If, on the other hand, you don’t mind waiting a few months for your honeymoon, or the weather isn’t an important factor for you then it won’t have the same level of impact.

Style of wedding

What style of wedding do you have your heart set on? Do you want an outdoor ceremony with lots of sunshine and natural bright light? Are you looking for a more rustic feel incorporating wonderful autumn colours and falling leaves? Is the outside environment less important because your ceremony and reception will be held mostly inside with most of your photos also being done inside? Are there specific flowers that you want which are easier to get hold of at certain times of the year? Or are you quite flexible and open to change? This could be a really important factor as you head into the planning phase so really give it some thought before you get any dates booked in.

A date to remember

Some things will naturally have a bigger impact than others when it comes to picking the perfect wedding date. The main thing is to ensure that you have good communication with your future spouse so that you can fully examine what is important to both of you, and you can then set a date that you are both happy with. This will be a date that you celebrate year after year so take some time to really consider the different things that could impact and influence your choice.

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