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Working With Me...

Planning the Ceremony

When we meet we will discuss the funeral you are arranging. There is no set formula for what makes a perfect funeral- each ceremony is unique.


We will discuss any music or readings you would like to include, along with any other elements you feel would commemorate and celebrate the life of the person who has died.

I will help you choose appropriate music, readings, and poems and also to liaise with other family members and friends to capture more stories and memories that we can reflect on during the service.

When choosing what to include, there are no real limits! As a Civil Funeral Celebrant, I can include hymns and prayers, or the ceremony can be completely non-religious. 

I have taken funerals where the music is heavy rock and others more traditional with the Lord's prayer and hymns,  and everything in between!

Image by Mohammad Metri
Paying Tribute...

One of the most important and valuable parts of any funeral is a carefully scripted tribute that accurately reflects the life and the character of your loved one. 

This personal tribute is often a celebration of their life, recounting their experiences, attributes and qualities. I take time, talking with you to get to know about your loved one so that the service can capture the essence of the person who has died. 

I will write the tribute for your loved one, or if you wish I can help you write a fitting tribute. There are also other options such as asking family members and close friends to write short letters to the deceased which they, or I could read as the ceremony.


At the ceremony, the tribute, or parts of the tribute can be delivered by me, a member of the family or a friend.    

On the Day...

On the day of the funeral, I will lead the ceremony that we have discussed and you have checked.

I will work closely with the funeral director to make the day flow seamlessly, so you can concentrate on remembering your loved one.

Image by Ethan  Marston
Image by Alex Wigan

After the funeral, I will present you with a copy of the ceremony for you to keep. 


Although the funeral is an important part of the healing process, it doesn't end there. I can also chat about organisations that will be able to support you if you wish. For more information click here.

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